Mele Boy (Thomas Brinkmann) – Seduction EP


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Thomas Brinkmann creates a new moniker for his latest project to push technical limitations and challenge perceptions; classic Brinkmann agendas. Mele is Italian for Apples, and with Mele Boy, Thomas Brinkmann uses Apple Loops and Apple Logic Pro as the foundation of this music, invoking what he terms Apple Incest, apropos the controversy surrounding Serge Gainsbourg and the song Lemon Incest. What he has produced here for the Seduction ep is simply brilliant music regardless of the machines used or the sounds he works with, reinforcing the axiom that it’s the artist not the tools that establishes the greatness of the work.. Those who are prejudiced against such ubiquitous tools may not be swayed. But Brinkmann is not attempting to change opinions, instead he is asking us to challenge our perceptions and the fact that we have prejudices at all… through some brilliant music for the body and the soul.