Tin Man – Hidden Acid


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Vienna-based producer and 303 maestro Tin Man returns to Acid Test for his first solo EP for the label in over 5 years. It’s another impeccable outing of romantic acid variations, especially tailored for unforgettable dancefloor revelations.

Tin Man has been setting the pace for forward-looking acid lovers for close to two decades now, and on his 15th Acid Test appearance he takes the vibe back to early and proto-house roots, stripping back the musical elements while layering in the euphoria with four perfectly crafted slices of feelgood 303.

Opening track Hidden Acid already sounds like a long lost classic, with strings draped over bouncy acid and motorik drums, stretching out over nearly nine minutes, and beautifully capturing the feel of house music circa 1991. Swaying Acid comes in all propulsive, toms and congas setting the foundation for melodic acid lines to weave through your heart strings.

On the B Side, Running Acid is fully optimized for the autobahn fast lane – a gradual, slow-filtered acid meltdown that builds and releases in tandem with driving hats and vaporous pads that hang over the track like early morning mists. Wrapped Up Acid brings the EP to a fitting close, slowing the tempo for a low-key easy dance excursion par excellence – smooth yet spikey 303 riffs punctuate the chords that drift through with a hint of Badalamenti in the progression.

With the Hidden Acid EP Tin Man might hark back to more vintage times, but the emotive power is as strong as ever. The naivety of the ‘90s is instead replaced with a conviction behind the musical choices that brings even more weight to the heartwarming vibes. This is acid in some of the best shape it’s ever been, enhanced and upgraded specifically for the dance.