MiPiccolo JT / Rio – Love Piccolo JT / Rio Love EP


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Alleviated Records is proud to present the Spoken-Word vibes of Sharpsburg, NC’s PICCOLO JT and Chicago’s RIO LOVE to some lush Larry Heard grooves. 1969: “recollections about the NYC social & black music/party scenes on top of a driving afro-tribal groove..” JUKE JOINTS – LIQUOR HOUSES: “insights on early Southern social & black music/party scenes flowing on a moody deep-soulful music-bed..” MY COUNTRY: “social questions/observations on a slammin’ deep Future-Tech flavored vibe..” I’M NOT TOUGH BUT I’M TIRED: “social questions/observations on a slammin’ deep Future-Ragga/Tech flavored vibe..”