Pepe Bradock – Dactylonomy V



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Says Pepe Bradock:

Dactylonomy V
The Offering / Tabernacle / Firmament / Paroles / Family
Re-Belote: 5 is the sexy prime and final chapter of the this ridiculously digital collection..
A moving tribute to the pink(y) automated arpeggiator, and a synthetic soundtrack to
broadcast your own good dancing news..
Not reluctant but cheerful, The Offering, opening track, is a nervous gift for repentant
drunk divers planning to ball & wiggle with hurried eared seals – But not only – Planning
ways to a temporary sanctuary, Tabernacle is a sonic underwater transcription of a
televised fishy ballet.
On the other side, Firmament, our optimistic roof is escalating the heat with an
exhilarating crew of humming step sequenced anointed bleeps, bubbly pianos and tipsy
sine waves. Paroles slows down the pace while staying in the digital submarine realm with
unseen ties that you will feel deeply. Drawing a face of happiness, the mesmerizing
Family reminds us the thicker than mud climate needed to sways out of this aquadelic
escapade. Enjoy ! And connect the dots