Italo Brutalo – Detroitalo



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Detroitalo merges the best of both worlds – Detroit and Italo. The proclamation of an entirely new genre is accompanied by Bungalo Disco`s latest outing – the Detroitalo E.P. Italo Brutalo`s latest masterpiece on your favorite label. Detroit stands for innovation and its unique character – always several steps ahead. In contrary `Italo Disco` songs are simple, basic and catchy – and therefore appealing to the masses. Combining these two genres might feel like inbreeding of the most severe degree : It´s so obvious and at the same time so unimaginable. It almost feels like two lovers who had been at war for generations and now-after reconciliation- have the urge to finally let go their mutual desire.
All songs on this release are legitimate descendents of Italo Disco and Detroit Techno. Starting off with “La Bambola” which can literally be called the big sister of the Detroitalo offspring, it´s gripping arpeggio line leaves nothing to be desired and instantly indicates in which direction Detroitalo is heading. The record`s second and eponymously named track perfectly reflects the new style with its restless bassline. More Detroitalo siblings are to be found on the flipside of the release. “Down the Drain” with its acid elements and techno-ish Italo arpeggio, sounds like it was
directly transferred from the 80ies to the year 2020 and far beyond. Ultimately, you can get a glimpse of what driving in the “Motor City” looks like. On the one hand stop-and-go-traffic on the other speeding through endless alleys of the grim and bleak City of Detroit. A murky bassline combined with apocalyptic strings and effects set the perfect mood for rollin through the D at nighttime.