Lorenzo Fortino & Brody – Da Qui Al Mare


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After making a mark with their first album together, “”Pineto Connection,”” Lorenzo Fortino and Brody return to the studio to advance their idea of music that remains impulsive yet at the same time more structured. Within this EP, you will hear different influences, all traceable back to an “”Italian mood,”” giving life to an album that will linger in turntables and the minds of many for a long time. The album opens with “”Amarcord”” (A1), where raw drums, bass, and the pad seamlessly drive the piece, taking the dancefloor into the essence of Italian club culture. On side A, “”Sensazione”” (A2) continues, a soft Italo deep house track with Lorenzo’s vocals providing an almost melancholic allure. The B side begins with “”Giacio”” (B1), a tightly wound house track (128 bpm) where straight drums, a compelling bassline, and dreamy synths make it a must-have to keep the dancefloor moving. Closing the album is “”Da Qui Al Mare”” (B2), a single despite being part of the EP, reflecting the idea of giving a distinctly Italian imprint. Brody, Angela, and Lorenzo’s voices (almost echoing from the beach) blend in this deep tapestry that mixes multiple genres, aligning with their vision of a more elegant Italo disco.