Francesco Farfa – Reminescenze Nottetempo



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Francesco Farfa has got his groove back, leading to Danza Tribale number 10. In recent times, the Italian DJ has found himself re-energised once again, back in love with electronic music and right back at the sharp end of the underground scene. A true digger and sound obsessive, Farfa comes armed with decades of experience and musical appreciation, but now with a fresh perspective that means he is once again doing what he does best: turning musical emotions and compelling rhythms into dance floor art.

Reminiscences Nottetempo represents the soul of a dreamer, who often collides with his memories hidden in the fog: basically what they are.

“I have been living the night for many years and not only because of my passion for clubbing, but also because I am a wandering insomniac.

In the nocturnal phase, when awake, this fog clears up and suggests thoughts that, digging into the maze of memory, bring you solutions that fill latent gaps”

‘Il Bosco Delle lucciole’ is a vision of dark energy illuminated by living forms, electrons of which everything is composed, as well as the space in which we vibrate.

‘Novanta’ is pure reminiscence, an abstract flashback to the origins of a movement that is consolidated as a “unique” phenomenon of the 20th century.
It is a song that smells of that memorable era which, fortunately, is positively influencing the new generations.

This EP brings me back to the studio after a long time, for the first time as an independent producer, starting a new path, hoping to be worthy for the continuation.
I am honored by the support shown to me by DJ Tennis & Adiel, with their fantastic remixes, an indispensable value added to the project.”