BNJMN – Hypnagogia Remixed



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BNJMN’s album Hypnagogia gets the remix treatment. The Berlin based Brit is a common name seen on Delsin since 2014. Here he invites four of his favourite producers to give their twist to his latest album. Featuring Efdemin, Luigi Tozzi, rRoxymore and Mattheis. Up first, Efdemin turns one of the title tracks into a driving and fierce techno twister where Italian producer Luigi Tozzi eases out the bounciness of Indub’s original into an atmospheric dub-techno floater. On the flip rRoxymore does her magic with squeaky percussion riffs and playful melodies turning the original ambient jam into a vivid dance floor roller. Finalizing the pack is Nous’klaer mainstay Mattheis using his instinctive feeling for melodies to create a hypnotizing yet gentle version of Moth Lines.