Spazio Vitale – Spazio Funky



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Disco Segreta brings you another italian disco rare holy grail!

Spazio Vitale has been an 8 piece one-off studio band project from the Sampierdarena district in Genoa, Italy. They recorded and released their only 45 single in November 1977: “Spazio Funky” b/w the ballad “Il Bacio”, on the local tiny Melody label.

“Spazio Funky” is a magic-carpet ride through the classic elements of funk-disco: electric bass and drums, along with guitars, choruses, three voices and the heavy use of Eminent 310 Unique and Clavinet Hohner D6 synthesisers, rendering the widely experimental nature of the late 1970s disco scene in Italy and the diverse nature of the music scene of one of Italy’s music epicenters: Genoa.

This first ever 12” vinyl release will feature the original “Spazio Funky” 1977 version in our respectful remaster, along with a remix by italian synth mastermind DJ Marcello Giordani.