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Make way for a truly international meltdown!
Born out of the favelas and samba schools of São Paulo, the Afro Bruk Band Project is a collaboration
of singers, poets, musicians, friends and family. Their sound is inspired by Bossa-Nova, Afrobeat,
Brasilian / Cuban Yoruba culture and the Broken Beat sound from the UK.
The brainchild of the project is Swiss-based Ruben Estevez, producer and DJ of Bruk Boogie Kru sound
system. His aim was to create a live project, to promote musicians, to diffuse their passion out of Brasil
and to export Brasilian musical street culture.
The project touches on many geographical locations. Most of the recordings were done in São Paulo
with a few finishing touches in Johannesburg and final production by Ruben Estevez in Switzerland and
co-production by Rui Fradinho in London.