FIT Siegel / Jared Wilson / Bizz OD – Collection V1


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Collection V1 marks FIT SOUND’s first compilation, showcasing tracks from renowned artists Jared Wilson, Bizz O.D., and FIT Siegel. Detroit’s own Jared Wilson is a true master of the TB-303, delivering jacking and melodic acid for over a decade. ‘Mind Travel’ is a mesmerizing 10-minute journey that intertwines melodic acid lines with ethereal strings. Bizz O.D., an enigmatic figure known for her jackin’ acid techno tracks released between ’93 and ’98, emerges once again with the previously unreleased floor-killing acid stomper, ‘One Two,’ which, despite being recorded in the mid-’90s, remains as fresh as ever. FIT Siegel’s contribution, ‘No Feedback,’ originated as a sampling exercise in the studio and transformed into an experimental yet functional piece that would find its home in the crates of adventurous DJs.”