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Byron C. is one of the aliases used by the “Flakes and Teeves”
duo, who produced three EPS between 1996 and 1999 on the label «Obsession Music» from Marseille. Today, they got back together to create the “FLABBER.CLUB” label, which reissues their music.

This is Byron C. «How To Operate?» the Flakes and Teeves duo’s second EP, produced in 1500 copies in 1997. These now change hands for a king’s ransom on the second-hand vinyl record platforms.

Certainly because the four deep dub techno titles on this EP are timeless, charged with emotion and spontaneousness. Compiled at the time by Mickael Mayer on Neuhaus, it’s still played by the new generation of DJs such as Nastia or a:rpia:r on this version, remastered at Translab, the basses are more rounded, the trebles crisper and the melodies more audible.

This reissue have been pressed at 150g! We have also added a
superb cover to back the sound with an image, together with a
free digital version!