Folamour – The Power And The Blessing Of Unity EP



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Folamour represents the present and future sounds of the disco/house hybrid, staying true to the Glitterbox sonic philosophy. His tracks share the same production values as the timeless records from classic disco imprints in the late 70s; melodies are super-tightly harmonised, instrumentation is lively and the rhythms are designed purely for dance. ‘The Power and The Blessing of Unity’ is almost a mini album, exploring all the facets of Folamour’s sophisticated house and disco tendencies. The title track sparkles with brass stabs and a textbook swinging disco beat, ‘Island Of Recent Father’ breaks things down into synthy house goodness, ‘Let’s Grab Some Smokes’ channels a more contemporary low-fi sound and bringing it home with ‘Home Beyond The Clouds’, Folamour closes with uplifting house hooks and percussion. It’s a real trip.