Various – Leads & Bites Vol. 4



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Ibadan announces the release of volume 4 in the Leads & Bites series, presenting an exciting selection of soon-to-be timeless dance floor favorites. Up first is house DJ and producer Massiande, one of the most captivating talents from South America and notable Housewax alumnus. “Mainline” comes on strong, delivering punchy synth lines and fat beats with an undeniable Chicago spirit. Sharing the A-side is “Lens House” by The Prince of Dance aka Elbee Bad, an edgy sleeper track with eclectic rhythms and a perfect balance of all the classic elements. Kicking off the B-side are heroes of the hour S.A.T. – Sydenham, AYBEE, and Trent – with “Yaphet,” a low-key offering that gradually unfolds into the trio’s signature blissed-out, energetic vibe. MLiR and Arnau Obiols wrap it up with “Calanda,” a genre-defying foray into organic vocals and experimental sounds – nervy, mysterious, and with hints of downtempo electronica.