Ruf Dug – Casita Más Alta


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Ruffy’s back with a new four track EP Casita Más Alta and it’s a love letter to Ibiza –
as he takes us on an alternative tour of his favourite parts of the pine-covered

The title track opens slowly, spaced out with motifs and pads washing in like an
incoming tide, before charging headlong to the beach with a thumping kick and
distorted keyboard solo. In contrast, we get a more sundown feel with Cala Vedella,
soaking up the forest breeze and sounding like The Art of Noise but fed through a
modulator and left to float in the iciest pitcher of 7Up.

Meanwhile, the rolling congas and percussive synths of Las Cicadas take us deep
into tribal territory, Lost Woods style. The EP closes out with Niu Blau, built on
beautifully optimistic choir pads and steel pan sounds, and the evening could just
go on forever, especially if you’ve taken any of those power ups. It might be an
homage to Ibiza and the Balearics, but seen through the Ruf Dug prism, there’s
always something new to discover.