Daniel Monaco Feat. Zoë Xenia – Change


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Unveiling Daniel Monaco’s ‘Change’ ft. Zoë Xenia: a timeless Proto House gem. Get ready to groove to the infectious beats of ‘Change’, the latest release from Daniel Monaco on It’s a Pleasure imprint. Featuring the enchanting vocals of Zoë Xenia, this live-performed proto house track is a sonic masterpiece that’s set to captivate audiences worldwide.

Produced by the multi-talented Daniele Labbate, also known as Daniel Monaco, ‘Change’ is a journey into deep heart of House Music. Energetic drums, commanding bassline, and housey strings create an irresistible blend of sounds that harken back to the genre’s roots. The track’s authenticity shines through in its fully live performance, offering an electrifying experience that transcends time.

And that’s not all: the release includes a label’s head honchos Marvin & Guy on remix duties, injecting a fresh and even happier (if possible) perspective into the already dynamic track. Meticulously mixed by the talented Whodamanny, ‘Change’ resonates with clarity and precision. Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of this record.