Fatima Yamaha – Spontaneous Order



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Bas Bron aka Fatima Yamaha follows up 2015’s successful Imaginary Lines. Refusing to conform, he’s continued to work in his own way. ‘Spontaneous Order’ is an odyssey that remains in touch with its creator’s long held love of P-Funk, Detroit and Chicago House, but takes on additional dimensions too. Loud and Quiet gives it a 9/10 and thinks that “Fatima Yamaha is one such artist whose huge hit (‘What’s A Girl To Do’) dwarfs the rest of his catalogue, but thankfully with Spontaneous Order, his first outing since he blew up, he bucks the received wisdom: here, across a tight 45-minute record of strutting retro electro nerd-funk, sad computer-game music, and the kind of euphoric/melancholic vocodered disco that sounds perfect at sundown pouring out over a Balearic beach bar, Yamaha shows that he’s got far more range than one monster smash might suggest.”