Deanne Day (Andrew Weatherall / David Harrow) – The Long First Friday / Hardly Breathe


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From Chicago, Detroit and New York to London, Croydon and beyond, Mint Condition have got their expert digging hats on to bring you exclusive heat and those rarer than rare jams that have been on your wants list for years! Dig in….

Here we are again, in the company of the beautiful Deanne Day – D and A = David and Andrew. Was one of several production pseudonyms used by David Harrow and Andrew Weatherall. This all happened in the mid 1990’s here in London, and now, in 2019, the spotlight has swung back around on these beautiful nuggets of soul mined from the street corners of an East London long gone. Shifting, trippy, vocal driven and dubby minimal house jams are what’s on offer here sir, sound good? You’re in great company with this lot. Proper pre-millennium jams on this 12″, contemporary classics. These tracks sound like they’ve just been beamed down earlier this week and will still do ultimate damage inna dance, guaranteed.

This, the second of 2 Deanne Day reissues, has been legitimately re-released with the full involvement of Emissions Audio Output and all license holders for 2019 and remastered by Bristol’s Optimum Mastering from the original DAT tapes especially for Mint Condition, courtesy of Lord Sabre & co.100% legit, licensed and released. Dug, remastered, repackaged and brought to you by the caring folks at your favourite reissue label – Mint Condition!