Patrizia Pellegrino – Musica Spaziale


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An Italian disco classic produced by one of Italy’s top disco pop entrepreneurs – Constantino Paolini – featuring the voice of Vesuvian actress and TV personality Patrizia Pellegrino. “Musica Spaziale” is a fast paced synthy disco number adorned with signorina Pellegrino’s silky smooth vocals, featuring lusty cosmic nuanced lyrics that arguably invite the listener to some form of astral bliss in the company of the blond starlet. A classic amongst collectors and specialists of the genre, made available to your record collections once again without having to sell any of your kidneys. In addition, also an extended edit, that patiently slows down the tempo but also extends this cosmic climax on the dancefloor in a manner respectful to the original masterpiece, allowing the dancers to savor every moment of this celestial voyage without all the rush of the 7″ version . Flip it and things get propelled in direction to some other acidic orbits with DJ Asshole’s tripped out downtempo 8′ intervention. Restored, remastered and featuring original “coloring book” style artwork from its original release date.