The Mighty Zaf ‎– Doin’ It



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Welcome to number 38 in the Moton series where the chaps join up with legendary record collector, BBE compiler, Love Vinyl man and Reckless pirate the Mighty Zaf for a stupendous 3 tracker where he brings his editing skills to the forefront.Kicking off with the hardcore disco string driven monster Doing Our Own Thing Zaf let’s the rhythm just bubble. He then steps down into the sultry gangster groove of I Can’t Let Him Down which is a real hand raiser and then he gets our mixers delight on with Get Down Beats. Another master release from Moton. Who’s gonna take the weight
DJ Support Loving the one that sounds like the Love Unlimited Orchestra. Liking A1 and the 2nd more stripped percussion Disco Jam. Full support from the Faze Action
The latest release from Mighty Zaf is a tasteful, fully fledged disco inferno.Doing our Own Thing jumps into the uptempo groove filled with bongos, horns and strings guaranteed to get the freaks dancing. Slow em down or warm em up with I Can’t Let Him Down and DJ’s get your mixing skills ready because the Get Down Beat’s is the perfect drum tool to connect the dots…