The Toreodors – Thembi



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We’ll assume that you’ve never heard of South African outfit The Toreadors – we hadn’t – or their oh-so-slim discography. That’s no problem, though, because happily Mr Bongo has rescued their sole seven-inch single, recorded and released in the autumn of 1972, and given it the reissue treatment. It’s a genuinely magical record all told, and all the more remarkable given that the band was assembled by producer Ray Nkwe specifically for the session. A-side ‘Thembi’ is genuinely beautiful and breezy, with group harmony vocals and haunting horn and woodwind solos seemingly drifting above a psychedelia-tinged deep jazz groove. Flipside ‘Gwimyitshe’ is, if anything, even better, with spiritual soul vocals and a cosmic jazz-funk groove catching the ear. Exceptional!