HDSN – Soulside Rollers



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NBAST continues to pile on the pressure with a stellar 10th release ready to drop in June 2020. After his smashing Whiplash EP earlier this year HDSN returns with a super heavy weight record inspired by the raw energy of the house sound which spanned the Eighties and early Nineties. “Soulside Rollers” takes a handful carefully chosen samples and gives them a futuristic flair courtesy of the iconic Roland 909 and other machine wizardry; an EP that bridges the sensibilities of House, Disco and strains of Soul. The hard-driving “Detroit” is the graceful and uplifting opener on the remarkable four-tracker. It´s a near-mythic homage to the city that shaped HDSN´s music over the years and seems to perfectly encapsulate the feeling of being lost in music with no way out. “Happiness Machine” is party music to play as the sun comes up. The ebullient hook and the silky vocals that join in the driving beat guarantee instant joy and give the song it´s name that reflects the spirit of our soul brother which is jaunty but never corny. “Tear It Up” sounds effortlessly cool, the stripped-down track, devoid of extraneous flourishes, still sounds like an absolute belter, it hits an almost church-like, surging, religious ecstasy and it’s a concentrated laser beam of energy that seems powerful enough to melt dancefloors. “Late Bloomers” is more lush, more conventionally tuneful it´s deeply moving and quietly haunting, melancholy strings swelling over a minimalistic guitar line and the barest of beats. It may be a bit more soulful than the other tracks as it’s born out of a desire to spread faith through tunes helping listeners find another plane – but it’s simply hard not to be swept up in the sheer sense of conviction and it completes another certified record by HDSN.