The Funkin’ Machine – Allerta Meteo



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A singular group of experts issues a notice of extraordinary urgency in the vicinity of various atmospheric phenomena, which are partially localized and, above all, of high intensity. Yet the sun shines with strength over the Neapolitan favela. ?Allerta Meteo? is the first album of sparkling sonics by The Funkin? Machine Collective and the newest release of Periodica Records? Pegaso Series, comprising a cross-section of jazz and funk sounds, with bright colors that are good for any season, whether rain or shine. The voice of Andres Balbucea – the binding soul of the opera – is supported by the unmistakable flow of Speaker Cenzou during the vibrant ”L’ora d’o Groove”, accompanied by the performances of Roberto Porzio on the synthesizers, Alessio Pignorio and Riccardo Betteghella on the guitars, Vincenzo Lamagna bass guitar, Andrea De Fazio drums, Paolo Bianconcini on percussions, and the extraordinary participation of Pietro Santangelo in the cinematic ”Django” and Jeroen Verberne on Trombone in ”Rafiki”. An authentic wave of warm notes destined to overwhelm the most observant listener, the first-hour followers, and all the citizens.