Captn K – Disco Picnic Vol. 1



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Limited to only 300 copies this trio of tracks dangled in classic disco juice is one of Picnic Records finest.

“Disco Ynferno” is not quite a cover of The Tramps hit but borrows the lyrics to stay in theme with the release. A driving deep house groove, 909 drums gets things moving and when the big buzzy bass, smooth breaks and nonchalant vocals drop at the halfway point it just feels right.

Company B’s Hi-NRG banger get chuggified. “Phasinated” vocals by Aussie soul diva ‘Ofa Fotu shine through this deep and funky 110bpm disco groover. Tropical percussion sits underneath a bouncy electro synth bass. A bit of a Crooked Man vibe going on.

The stand out, “Dubbing Alive”, a tropical dubbed out version of arguably the biggest disco track ever. It just settles in and washes you with familiar melodies pushed along by a weirdly amazing honky bass. Perfect for coming up, coming down or a Sunday session down the pub.