Aux 88 – Voice Modulation EP



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AUX88 did it……They Brought the first of the Mad Scientist Cd Release tracks from there pivotal LP. Finally original mixes on vinyl. AUX88 proves once again not only are they one of the best live bands in electronic music, but one of the genres funkiest groups in the world……continuing where Cybotron and Drexciya left off to a style all their own. Aux88 along with Drexciya single handily brought the electro genre back in the late 80’s

1) “Voice Modulation”- Vocals are what set Aux88 apart from everyone else; the beat is dark and precise with thumping bass line.

2) “Mad Scientist”- K-1 on vocals shows you why they loved making this LP and tour everything was used on these tracks analog and digital……………………Mad Scientist they have created a true masterpiece. The Lp was dedicated to the late James Stinson