Joseph Capriati feat James Senese – New Horizons



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‘New Horizons’ is the second single from the brand-new album ‘Metamorfosi’ by Joseph Capriati.

True to its title, the track explores directions we’ve never heard before in the music of the Southern Italian producer from Caserta. It is far away from the 4/4 kicks and from the usual techno territory where Capriati is a master and a worldwide pillar. ’New Horizons’ looks somewhere else, and to head to these new horizons, Joseph joins an extraordinary travel mate: musical legend James Senese. Senese is a saxophonist who has crossed some of the most important adventures of Italian music during his long career. From Napoli Centrale to the historical and mythical band of Pino Daniele, a backbone of the famous Neapolitan Sound of the ‘80s, with whom Senese has surpassed the boundaries of Italian fame to become a worldwide reference of a fresh and new take on pop, funk and jazz.

Senese, the tradition. Capriati, the innovation. A legacy, a musical heritage of Neapolitan and Italian music, from the roots to the present and projected into the future for a surprising and unexpected collaboration. In ‘New Horizons’ the electronic production of Joseph Capriati coexists with the tradition and the mastery of a champion like James Senese’s sax, in a smart and sophisticated, downtempo beat. A track intended to leave an indelible mark on International music.