Various Artists – RL001



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Rhythm Labs first release ‘RL001’, a two-track compilation project from Poznan based, Grażyna Biedroń and London based, Provhat Rahman, of the ‘DAYTIMERS’ collective displays our mentality toward opening new channels for fans to experience sounds spanning across the many realms of rave music, more specifically deep house and breakbeat inspired tracks.

‘Alright’ is Grażyna highly anticipated debut release, a slow-burning deep house track incorporating self-recorded lo-fi vocals with a heavy bassline which we have come to love with recent house tracks such as Demuja’s ‘Want My Love’ and Harrison BDP’s ‘Decompression’. Grażyna merges her affinity for Chicago and Detroit House with Poland’s rhythmic flair – showcasing a song that is both deeply personal and filled with love for the house and dance scene.

Pedal’ is Provhat’s experimental take on his signature foundation of using breakbeats to drive his rhythms forward. “Lyn Collins’ ‘Think’ has been one of the most widely used samples in electronic music in the UK with the rise of the ‘breaks’ genre over the past few years. The vocal sample in ‘Pedal’ is taken from a woman singing the Indian equivalent of a western scale but manipulated so that all the notes are the same, which is where I came up with the name ‘Pedal’.