Alton Miller – From the Future EP



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From the Future is an EP composed of 3 tracks characterized by decidedly more electronic arrangements than his latest productions and begins with over 9 minutes of Crossing (A), an irresistible club tool with a “deep & techy” atmosphere, poisonous breaks for a a warm and hypnotic journey that immediately shows us the more dancefloor and synthetic side of the prolific African American producer. Side B opens with
The World needs Love (B1) Spiritual house music, ethereal keyboards, pressing arpeggios and a vocal sample that
in addition to adding a certain emotion to the song, he also gives the title to the track itself: 8 minutes of pure Miller’s style. Brooklyn (B2) instead is the title of the piece that closes the side with its rhythm full of Latin percussion and sounds that recall the first house in NYC but without letting go of nostalgia, transporting that same feeling to the days of today, making it extremely relevant. The new graphic design of the label inaugurated with Lorenzo Morresi’s EP (RU007V) continues, which this time sees the suggestive Greenstone (Chrolastrolite) of the US state of Michigan as the protagonist of the subsoil.