Lone X KETTAMA – The Way You Feel



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Lone and KETTAMA met at Glastonbury festival last year after being booked together for a B2B DJ set.
Although they had never DJ’ed together before their styles complimented each other perfectly and it was only natural that they get in the studio together.

The EP features one collaborative track and an original each from both artists but they way the tracks fit together you could be forgiven for thinking the whole EP was collaborative.

We know at R&S that Lone is capable of creating many different feelings with his music, working alongside KETTAMA seems to have pushed the euphoric, endorphin heightening 4/4 feels to the forefront. In turn KETTAMA reaches for some some synth lines that could have come straight from the Lone playbook. The influence of each artist on the other is plain to see and the results are three killer club tracks that people are going to be hard pushed to pick a favourite from.