Various – Funk Purpose Vol. 2 (part 2)



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Samosa Records continues it’s unstoppable runaway juggernaut of a year with the double EP ‘Funk Purpose Vol. 2’.
Pulling out all the stops they have brought together a who’s who of the cream of the disco editor roll of honour. Not content with smashing Part 1 out of the park Part 2 is just as dynamic.
Step up (in alphabetical order) Fingerman, Pete Le Freq, Sleazy McQueen and Swifft Edits on this second 12”.
Hot Digits boss ‘Fingerman’ is first off and is in playful mode with ‘Sabu’s Theme’ another track heavy on the groove as a super funky bassline jousts with some great guitar licks. Looped up soul packed vocals soon take centre stage as the track ebbs and flows building drama as it goes. This one is peak time hold your partner tight and tell them you love them dance-floor action.
Another well regarded label boss is Alpaca Edit’s ‘Pete Le Freq’ who steps into action with ‘Crew Say Dah’. Funky guitars, loose ass-shakin’ percussion and strings a-plenty all lead the way as the keys create an outrageously joyful vibe.
Turning over ‘Sleazy McQueen’ of Whiskey Disco delivers with ‘Ready For Luv’ a deep disco bumpin’ groover of a house track packed with energetic drums, a real bounce of a bassline and smooth pads. The looped up vocal is a real ear worm moment.
The honour of closing out this brilliant release goes to ‘Swifft Edits’, a Canadian who currently resides in Japan. His entry to the EP ‘Funk Comes Alive’ is another stand out track. Brass, power vocals and some great drum programming all come together to light up the peak time. A monster track and a perfect way to close out a wonderful 12”.