Various Artists – Contaminated Culture



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“Contaminated Culture” is the next various artists on limited edition by Scena_731 Recordings. Are two collections with 7 artists and divided in one vinyl release. The contamination comes from the different culture of these artists, who found two similar genres into the techno music and who marry in a festival line up. On the Part I of the V/A on side a, we have three artists on the classic techno and deep sounds. As you will know the well-known sound of Ritzi Lee with a classic mix, Paul Birken with his unmistakable technique through modular systems, Booz equally a lover of the sound sought through spatial connections of the universe. On the Part II on the side b, we have the B2B of Yari Greco & Karah from Rotterdam with a totally raw and edgy version for the dancefloor with a mix of raw and pounding groove. Then you will listen to Aeit, with an industrial London sound with a raw electronic synth perfect for the rave crowd and the last track signed by Jassass, an earthquake that damages you with very fast grooves and changes of industrial scenarios.
Support the good techno music for his different culture. Enjoy!