JJ Mortie – Peach



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JJ Mortie’s debut EP for Shadow City blends retro synths and ambient sounds, knitted together with punchy drums, the ring of a cowbell, and sultry basslines. Track 1 “Let’s Start It Now” is littered with a choppy vocal sample and kick drums that keep your head bopping, whilst contrasting the ambient sounds and acid synths, setting the tone for the rest of the record. “Sometimes You Have to Face Rejection” eerily echoes with the words of what very well could be your ex-lover. Paired with a dreamy synth and choppy hi-hats, this one is for the broken-hearted that are dancing their inhibitions away. The title track “Peach” comes through with a constantly building synth, atmospheric undertones and whispering murmurs that put any listener into a trance. “Questioning Myself’s” dramatic chords fill out the space on this track, with a vibe that can only be described as extra-terrestrial heartache. The final track comes straight in with punchy drums that instantly get your neck muscles in gear, a proper dance floor stomper to bring things to a close.