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KINK – Toplo



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The 4th release on Sofia by KiNK is all about warmth. The harmonies are deep, the instruments are muffled, the rhythms are humanised. Even when some of the tracks are getting a bit aggressive, they are not hurting, but giving the right amount of energy and surprise. This record is built from some of the live streams Strahil was doing during the pandemic lockdown in April. “101 Reasons” is a track with disco epic-ness and techno attitude. It captures KiNK’s dream of being on the sweaty floor again, surrounded by dancers, one big family, like it used to be. “Dreamer” is low key house music, with melodies, leaking between the notes and the rhythms are somehow derailing, but instead of chaos, you get that dreamy feeling like if you watch a ribbon in the sky. The phenomenal Dutch artist Frits Wentink delivers a tighter version of the track with his unique swing on the drums and extra chords, which uplift the track with new energy. The closing song “Set The Mood Right” is recorded with his usual collaborator Rachel Row on the vocals. It’s a very relaxed downtempo track, which takes an unexpected turn and it’s a perfect open end for the record. A warm record for the cold days.