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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Jamiroquai’s historic third album, “Travelling Without Moving” will be reissued on 180g double yellow vinyl with a new cover and notes written by frontman Jay Kay. This edition includes a Radio Edit Remix of “Cosmic Girl” by Dimitri From Paris, previously available only in limited numbers on Dimitri From Paris’ label, Le-Edits Records. The vinyl also includes a download code for the album. Originally released in September 1996, “Travelling Without Moving” is one of Jamiroquai’s most popular albums and is considered the best-selling funk album of all time, with more than 8 million copies. A timeless classic, the album contains international hits such as “Virtual Insanity” and “Cosmic Girl,” the former of which catapulted the band to global success, cementing them as one of the UK’s most successful and important acts. Now, more than 25 years after the band entered the studio to record the album, the inspiration and message of the music is still relevant today and could be argued to have even greater significance. Considering that it was written at a time when the Internet was just in its infancy, a decade before social media took over society and smartphones didn’t sound like something out of science fiction movies, the refrain of “Virtual Insanity” strikes a chord.

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