Steamy Pizza Box – Vibey EP (Generique)



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For the second release of his own Steamy Pizza Box imprint, Italian producer Valerio Vaudano shows us his Italo-house side under the Steamy Pizza Box alias.
The “Vibey” EP is a 5-track release that takes you back to the early days of house music, perfectly blending both atmospheres from the past and elements of modern electronic music.
The A-side kicks off with “Are U Feelin’ It?”, a brilliant 90s flavoured track where groove and dream-house pads coexist flawlessly. From there it continues with ‘Amnesia’, a peaktime house tune in full UMM style. “Oshibori” opens the B-side with its dreamy but catchy atmospheres characterised by oniric pads and a romantic brass breakdown. “Vhs” continues the B-side with a cheerful old school riff, topped with a Lately bass and rolling drums. “Murder” closes the release with its minimal but significant dress: 909, a Juno bass line and a pad borrowed from the Chicago pioneers.