Funky Bijou – Adventures In the land of Breaks



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After more than 10 years of activity in the B-Boy and Party Funk music scene, Funky Bijou’s Marrrtin & Deheb are back with an ambitious Limited edition LP of 12 tracks. The duo took some time to make another album, because of their full time other projects – Marrrtin had produced soundtrack music for a TV Show, managing his label Stereophonk in the same time, and Deheb worked with Dancers and prepares a new house music project. This New LP comes with many screen-printed, handmade vinyl versions, 300 ex only, which will certainly satisfy Vinyl and Funky Bijou aficionados.

Adventures In the land of Breaks is not the usual Funky Bijou material, and is more composed and organized as a Movie Soundtrack for an imaginary « action and suspense » thriller. It could have been a Tarantino movie or some Pinky Violence soundtrack. All tracks are joined by some dialogues and extracts of the mysterious film. If you are down with Blaxploitation movies, Roy Budd, Lalo Schrifrin, KPM library or all 70’s soundtracks, this one is for you!

Action Funk, Runaway grooves! Most of the tracks have also been played during the world biggest Breakdance Events such as Red bull Bc One and many others. 
The Track Yekatit Rmx has been made from a track originally composed by Mulatu Astakte, replayed by The Selenites Band, in their LP Ethio Jazz Groove Project.