Studio 54 pres. JKRIV – Night Magic Vol 1: The Disco Mixes 2020



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New York City record label, Studio 54 Music, has dropped their debut original produced single, ‘Heart To The Ocean’, set to release on October 2nd following their critically acclaimed first release, Night Magic Volume I, a 4 track compilation EP of classic Studio 54 disco anthems, reimagined by some of New York’s finest players in the modern disco scene.

The new release is a marriage of various generations of New York; produced by critically acclaimed Manhattan producer, Greg Cohen, features 20 year old Long Island bred rising star and prospect vocalist, Gabi Sklar, and is all under the umbrella of the 2020 disco music authenticator, Studio 54 Music. The track was mixed by Belgian dance music legend, Kris Vanderheyden, who added the final touches and thump to the record.

As a leading producer pushing the disco sound into the modern dance scene, Greg Cohen has made waves in the music scene as DJ Cassidy’s production partner, producing hits in collaboration with CHIC’s Nile Rogers on tracks ‘Kill The Lights’ and ‘Calling All Hearts’ featuring Robin Thicke, Jesse James, and members of Earth Wind & Fire. His music has been featured and synced on Netflix’s ‘The Get Down’, HBO’s ‘Vinyl’, and ‘Michael Jackson: Searching For Neverland’. Kris Vanderhayeden is known as a pioneer in the Belgian electronic music scene, and also has produced number one hits for Janet Jackson and Blondie, to name a couple.

As disco continues to stand at the forefront of today’s pop culture with releases by Daft Punk, Dua Lipa, and DOJA Cat, ‘Heart To The Ocean’ continues to feed the modern disco trend, and is a testament to Studio 54’s Mission in 2020: to take the culture and antics of the famed disco club that helped push the culture, and embody it into it he modern disco sound.

The track is tied smoothly together with Sklar’s sultry voice that is resembling but unique to Lana Del Ray, who she credits as a key influence with other female pop singers like Dua Lipa, who she describes as ‘bad ass women’ that drive her, and help inspire her inner edginess and sexiness with a heavy emphasis on confidence.

Be on the lookout for future Studio 54 Music releases that will further celebrate the sound in many forms from pop to indie dance to more underground leaning dance music. Studio’s debut release, Night Magic Vol. I will also be released on limited edition gold vinyl in mid-October.

The Disco imprint also plans to launch itself as a lifestyle brand with a new website, line of merchandise, and is excited to announce the Studio 54 Night Magic exhibition at Brooklyn Museum is reopened until mid-November after getting postponed from Covid-19.