Offworld (Kirk Degiorgio) – The Guru Walk



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“Offworld”is back after 20 years with a new album called “The Guru Walk” on
Tasty Treats Records. This release is a real walk into Offworld music experiences where from the first track to the last one, he works to create a collection of electronic jazz tracks with different influences and moods. A side contains three EDM tracks including the title track “The Guru Walk” that is a real midtempo gem with deep chords,light percussion section and warm ambient pads.
On the other side there are the longplay “tought vision”
and the acid jazz influenced track “Ruzena”. C side contains the hypnotic track
“Lagos 3000” with afro influences,warm organ and synths and deep pad. The soulful “Siofra’s Star”
complete this side with broken vibes and melodies. On D side there are the deep and warm “Wahpanio” that is a dancefloor oriented track with latin influences and last but not least “Holy Portal” a jazzdance track with a groovy and powerful bassline,breakdrum and soulful chords.