Underground Evolution – Soul Searcher (Joe Clausell Remix) / Walk On Water



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As part of Ugly Music’s 25th Anniversary Joe Clausell has remixed Underground Evolution’s ‘Soul Searcher’. The original was a two copy classic at the legendary Body and Soul on first release, so Joe was a natural fit to reimagine this classic house track. His new version while attaining the extra length previously reached by mixing the vocal and dubs, goes way beyond, with all the parts being re-played, live bass, and layers of new synths and keys culminating in the solo’s in the second half that lift this track to new heights.

The flip of this release contains ‘Walk On Water’ which was the A side of the original. This track sits somewhere between the sounds of Detroit and New York (a natural place for a track of Chicago origin). With a sound palette resembling something from Underground Resistance, ‘Walk On Water’ is a jazz journey equally at home in the dark clubs of New York or the beaches and boats of the sun drenched Adriatic or Balearics.