Various – Welcome to Vice City





Welcome To Vice City is a compilation dedicated to the existence and message of Vice City, a passion project by Arno Lemons and his fellow residents DJ Boats, Lil Lawaw & Juicy “the DJ”.

After 7 lucky years of translating paradisal philosophy to the dance floor, they’re now releasing an 11-track strong compilation featuring a handful of previous
guests and local talents from downtown, showcasing soulful tracks in various forms of house music which celebrate the 7 most exciting years of their lives.

Pablo Valentino, Daniel Wang, Nick The Record, Glenn Astro, the mysterious G-machine project, Keith Lorraine and local talents Juicy “The DJ”, Coulier and My Loyal Friend all contributed to this compilation, in order to spread the soul of the city in your living room or to start your own party/set as viciously as you should. included with the record is an original copy of the infamous “Daily Vice” newspaper.. Extra Extra!!