Haider – The Muses Come Out At Night


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The hotly tipped Berlin-based producer, DJ, label head and rising talent Haider Masroor’s music is informed by perpetual motion and a deep-rooted passion for dance music in all its forms. On his latest EP ‘The Muses Come Out At Night’ Haider pieces together a diverse range of influences that highlights his versatility, virtuosity and effortlessly cool flair.

Opener ‘Bakamono’ is a soaring, blissful slice of after-hours house with ghostly vocals that conjure classic Detroit sounds with padded synth washes and an irresistible groove; a unique and glistening revamp on a classic style.

‘U Trippin’, as the title suggest, is a more intoxicated piece where a diverse range of styles coalesce; deep bass sine hits glide under woozy, reversed vocal chops and aphex style breaks.

The straight up acid and electro blazer ‘The Oven Door Broke’ offers up a full-bodied synth line with airtight hi-hats topped with stuttered bass; a headfirst dive into Haider’s supremely honed peak time energy.